Career Exploration (2023)

Career Exploration

All about bridge years, community engagement, internships, shadowing, and tutoring/teaching courses.

Bridge Years

Why bridge years instead of a gap year?

Gap years do not necessarily lead to something else or have meaningful direction. Gaps generally go downward and can end up being “time off” without purpose.

Bridge years provide a forward, meaningful direction towards your goals and dreams. They help connect what you are currently doing with what you want to do in the future and what you want to experience before the next big transition in your life.   

Bridge years can:  

  • help you gain knowledge that builds upon your existing skills 
  • clarify how your skills transfer to a new field  
  • Provide a way to decide if what you think you want to do is true 
  • Be a way to grow personally and professionally

Bridge years can be many things – interning, volunteering, full-time jobs, graduate school, etc., but whatever you do, bridging has intention and direction.  

Community Engagement Opportunities

Explore teaching and working with K-12 students through the many opportunities to volunteer, tutor, mentor, coach, and teach.  

The list of opportunities below is not exhaustive and is for informational purposes only. A listing does not constitute an endorsement by Georgia Tech or Pre-Teaching Advising. 


Internships help you explore teaching through an engaged, authentic experience.  All Pre-Teaching internships are officially recognized through the Georgia Tech Career Center.   

If you register your internship through the Georgia Tech Career Center, the benefit include: 

  • Internship hours eligible for audit credit hours (no tuition or fees)  
  • Internship hours serve as academic placeholders towards full-time status (for example, 6 audit credit hours + 6 academic hours = full time)  
  • transcript designation of internship 

Internships may be paid or unpaid. Talk to a pre-teaching advisor or a Career Center advisor before accepting an unpaid internship.  

Internship opportunities 

Deadline to apply for Spring 2024: October 20 

Shadow a Teacher

If you are a GT student or alum, we can arrange for you to spend the day shadowing a teacher to see what a day in the life of a teacher really looks like. 

This program is only for Georgia Tech students and alumni. 

To arrange a shadow day: email  Susan Belmonte, Pre-Teaching Advisor,, 404.385.3494 

Shadow days can take 2 –3 weeks to arrange so please allow for ample time between your request and the day you hope to visit.

Participating schools change but are usually in a public school in Marietta City Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, or Gwinnett County Schools. Some private/independent schools may also participate in the program.  

Tutoring, Teaching, & Courses

Being a Teaching Assistant (TA) or a tutor on campus are great ways to explore teaching.   

Taking a course can help you learn more about the field of education as an academic discipline. Some course options include: 

  • PSYC 2130: Introducation to Educational Psychology
  • PUBP 3230: STEM Education Policy
  • Check OSCAR for term course offerings.