Resumes and cover letters should be customized for each position that you apply for in your job search. Materials for a job at an engineering firm or a publishing house will look different than those for a K-12 teahcing job. For this reason, using templates found online are often not the best way to create your professional presentation of yourself.

Elements to include on a teaching job resume for K-12 positions should be those that are directly related to teaching and those that have given you skills that transfer into teaching.  For example, effective communication, creative expression, organization, and other skills are key to being a successful teacher, and you can gain these types of skills in a number of ways. Some information that should be on your resume:

  • education
  • evidence of experience working with K-12 aged students (tutor, mentor, camp counselor, coach, nanny, etc.)
  • evidence of experience of teaching in general (peer tutoring, teaching assistant, etc.)
  • internships and co-ops
  • skills category with headings [e.g., Spoken Languages: French (fluent); English (fluent)]
  • community engagement (on-campus and off) and leadership
  • awards and scholarships
  • study and work abroad
  • significant projects (course and capstone)
  • collegiate-level competition experience (music, athletics, mock trial, etc.)


The Center for Career Discovery and Development offers many resources. They include:

Pre-Teaching Advisement and Website

Susan can help you discern if teaching is a good fit for you.  She can help you with your job searches (public and private schools), graduate school applications, and creation of resumes and cover letters for teaching jobs. Susan can also help you network with recruiters and alumni who are teaching.

  • Pre-Teaching website – You’re already on it!
  • Pre-Teaching listserv – Subscribe to and stay informed about jobs, volunteering, scholarships, etc. related to teaching.

Online Resources