Recruitment Agencies & Services


Recruitment agencies provide you a way to search for teaching, counseling, and administration positions in U.S. and international independent and charter schools.  You usually apply to the recruitment agency which then works on your behalf to find employment opportunities for you. The independent schools list their positions with the agencies, and the agencies help the schools find teachers, counselors, and administrators. You can also go to individual school websites for employment opportunities. The below are some resources to explore.

Carer Tools & Search Tools for U.S. & Abroad (internships and jobs)
Georgia Tech Career Center resources

National and International Recruitment Agencies & Resources
Carney Sandoe & Associates (free service)
The International Educator

National Diversity Job Seeking Resource Centers
Diversity in Ed: Diversity Recruitment Partners
NEMNET Minority Recruitment

Regional Recruitment Agencies
Southern Teachers Agency (free service)

United States Department of Defense – International
Department of Defense Education Activity

U.S. Embassy Relationships
El Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (El Cultural), a binational cultural center focused on bridging the relationsihp between Peru and the united States, has opportunities to teach English. If you are interested in applying, contact Susan Belmonte,

U.S. State Department – International Resources
Office of Overseas Schools

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