Southern Teachers Job Fair in Atlanta :: March 25, 2022

Southern Teachers is hosting its Independent School Teacher Job Fair in Atlanta on March 25th, 2022. We expect 50+ schools from around the southeast to participate and there is still time for your graduating students to apply to attend. Teaching certification is not required to teach in private middle and high schools, and we are seeking students majoring OR minoring in subjects taught in K-12 schools: math, Spanish, English etc.

Current demand for teachers is unprecedented and we hope you’ll let your students know about our Fair—the only Independent School Teacher Job Fair in the South this year. To be eligible to attend, students need to complete our application and become a job-seeking candidate with us, a process that only takes a few days after our receipt of an application.

Our Fair presents an opportunity for those interested in teaching to interview directly with private school hiring administrators for 2022-23 job openings. These schools are looking for applicants with a strong academic background and hopefully some experience tutoring, coaching, as a camp counselor, or otherwise working with youth.

As always, our Fair and all our teacher placement services are free to candidates.

Susan Belmonte, GT Pre-Teaching Advisor, can help all GT students and alumni with their applications.

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